Monday, October 29, 2012

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a type of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one's own and others' emotions, and to discern and use the information to guide one's thinking and actions.

Five Elements of Emotional Intelligence are:

1. Self Awareness
2. Managing Emotions
3. Motivating Oneself
4. Empathy
5. Handling Relationships

Why it is Important? Because "Soft Skills" can actually produce "Hard Outcomes".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did you get the idea what I am talking about?

It has been awhile since my last post. I have been busy running my family a.k.a 'CEO of my family'. What a CEO? If you thought me, lacks of leadership and management experience, let me share it with you something. Being a father and a husband, is like running a small company. In other word, you have to 'govern' your family members (bottom line, operations, planning, etc). It can contributes to headache and hypertension. However, in order to minimise the effect, I always consider it as 'Challenging and Stimulating'. Kind of my 'Transformation Vocabulary'.

Headache - Challenging
Hypertension - Stimulating

Recently, I was in KL where I accidently met an old friend of mine. He gained weight, from 65kg to 89kg. Kind of 'Marriage Transformation'. Surprising enough for me, the weight issue always related for me and my old friend when we met. He asked, 'You didn't gain any weight after marriage, what's your secret? 'I love my family', that was my short answered. 'Please elaborate', he asked again (kind of headhunter or manager follow-up question during an interview for job promotion :P). 'Well, the bigger my waistline, the higher the risk for me to get diabetes, coronory attack etc. I don't want to spend my time at the hospital or regularly meeting with the medical practitioner. Regularly visit to the medical practitioner means 'expenditure' and I don't want to bring pain to my family', I answered his question again.

'You are right, but it is difficult to reduce weight but it is easy to gain weight', he smiled. I replied,' Well, it depends on you personal motivation. As for me, my motivation is that 10 years from now I want to be, at my children's wedding, in a good shape and without health support devices. So,  I eliminate all the excuses and I take actions - I exercise regularly plus I stay away from negative people'.

p/s Did you get the idea what I am talking about?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Book Is Available

I received SMSes from my favourite bookstore informing me that my ordered book already available. Hmm what I like with the megastore is that their workers attitude - more professional than the small bookstore. Apart from that their staff, more prettier that the small one (muka pecah rumah and bloody sombong). He He He. I just been sincere here, don't take it personally.
Since today is Sunday in Malaysia, I am intent to collect the book. My plan is to commute by ERL to KL Sentral and take LRT to KLCC. Taking about KLCC, I love KLCC. It's "refreshing".

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Birthday Gift ---- Worth My Time

I find it amazing that I can be 35 years old and seem to know less every day. No matter how much you learn, it just continues to open up more substantial questions and relationships.
A relative of mine gave me a new handphone for my birthday. And to her surprised, I refused to accept the gift. I said:"I just want a book for my birthday. Perhap you could buy me or order me this book for me. The title is - An Engineer's Alphabet: Gleanings from the Softer Side of a Profession from Henry Petroski.
Why do you think I can't accept her gift? Handphone? Well, I like reading books. Worth my time.
Handphone, for me it just a tool. Book .. well book is knowledge and knowledge is vital. Reading book is like reading the writer's mind, values and philosophy. By the way, book never lies :P

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

------ "BIAR RASO" ------

Personally, I love my 9 to 5 job. Why? Its stable. What if my family member ask me to "quit" my job and do business?
Here are my answers:
1. Overseas
2. Fast food restaurant
3. Apply food and money from charity
4. Anti-social (What's the benefit of me knowing you?)
Well, siapa yang rugi? Mereka dengan keluarga mereka. Padan dengan muka. "Biar Raso"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boot Camp Exercises Part 2

Hmm boot camp exercises or Anger Management Course Ni? Well whatever..
Hans suggested reading this week "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman". For the review of the book.. belum baca lagi laaa. Just bought it yesterday.